life:) Joined Facebook and VKontakte

life_enUkrainian mobile services operator life:) is the first mobile services operator throughout the CIS countries to offer its subscribers, who use Facebook and VKontakte, to manage updates on their pages directly from their mobile devices, and to stay reachable all the time.

Thanks to cooperation of the operator with one of the largest social networks Facebook, life:) subscribers which are the Facebook users, have possibility to receive SMS-notifications about new messages, comments to pictures, requests from new friends, and also to update their personal pages via SMS and to upload personal photos through MMS.

life:) subscribers with accounts on the VKontakte network are the first mobile users in Ukraine who already have an opportunity instantly receiving via SMS updates’ information on personal pages in VKontakte. Thanks to the continued cooperation of the operator and the VKontakte social network, life:) customers can also update their accounts through SMS and reply to new posts received via SMS, using their handsets.

To stay in touch and to see almost everything that happens on the pages of Facebook and VKontakte now you don’t need to have the latest smartphone, neither to use any notebook or desktop. Thanks to new services from life:), members of social networks can communicate wherever they are, using phone functions available to everyone.

Moreover, life:) was the first among Ukrainian mobile operators to offer its subscribers “Free Access”  service, so that they can use a simplified version of Facebook and VKontakte with no charge for traffic.

To update your Facebook or VKontakte accounts via SMS, just register your life:) number in the corresponding social network! Cost of the SMS which enables to make changes into the accounts is 0.39 UAH including VAT.

To respond to messages from friends in VKontakte using mobile phone, you need to insert a received code into the SMS before a text of a reply. The cost of the SMS-answer is 0.39 UAH including VAT. The cost of photos upload on the Facebook is equal to the standard cost of an MMS.

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