life:) Has Increased Three Times Internet Traffic for Its Subscribers

life_enThe mobile services operator life:) announces “Three Times More Internet” offer for its subscribers. Due to this proposal traffic amount within Internet packages “Internet 100”, “Internet 500” and “Internet 1000” has increased three times. From now on, all life:) subscribers can use much more volume of traffic for the same price.

Under the terms of the offer “Three Times More Internet”, web services “Internet 100″, “Internet 500″ and “Internet 1000″, which are already very popular among life:) subscribers, have become three times more profitable.

“Internet 100″ is now called “Internet 100×3″, and the traffic volume, provided within the service, increased to 300 MB. The price has remained the same – 39 UAH for 30 days.

“Internet 500″ within the promotion changed its name to “Internet 500×3″, and the traffic volume of the updated services, increased to 1500 MB. Again, the price is the same – 69 UAH for 30 days.

“Internet 1000″ is renamed into “Internet 1000×3″, and the volume of the mobile Internet traffic within new service is 3000 MB for the same price – 99 UAH for 30 days.

The proposal “Three Times More Internet” is offered until the end of 2010.

life:) Internet, thanks to its offers “Internet 100×3, “Internet 500×3″ and “Internet 1000×3″, is the most accessible way for using e-mail, downloading games, MP3 and video files, exploring the web and communicating with friends and families via Skype or ICQ.

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