Kyivstar Sees No Legal Grounds To Provide Mobile Number Portability Services To Subscribers Free Of Charge

abonentsThe Kyivstar telecommunications operator sees no legal grounds to provide free services allowing subscribers to retain their telephone numbers when changing from one mobile communications operator to another.

The press service of Kyivstar announced this to Ukrainian News.

According to a commentary by Kyivstar’s department of regulatory and legal framework, number portability service (transfer of telephone numbers from one network to another) is a telecommunications service and, according to the law “On Telecommunications,” operators can set their own tariffs for such services.

“Thus, there is no basis for establishment of MNP (Mobile Number Portability) as a free service under the relevant legal realities without making any changes to the law ‘On Telecommunications,’” the company said in the statement.

The press service of the MTS Ukraine mobile operator told Ukrainian News that the operator considers it tempting to provide this service free of charge but provision of any telecommunications services (including this service) involves expenditures that need to be evaluated and establishment of sources of funds for financing them.

The Astelit mobile operator (the life:) brand name) told Ukrainian News that the approach of the National Communications Regulation Commission to introduction of number portability services is fully consistent with Astelit’s customer-oriented logic.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the National Communications Regulation Commission preliminarily approved on December 23 a draft provision on provision of subscriber number portability services and use of personal numbers, which proposes providing such services free to subscribers.

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