Kyivstar Merges Call Me and Call Me on Roaming Services

kyivstarThe Kyivstar company, a mobile communications operator, merged its services called Call Me and Call Me on Roaming on July 14.  The company announced this in a statement.

The merged service allows Kyivstar subscribers to send messages to other subscribers to call them if they have insufficient funds in their accounts.

The service is available to subscribers via the short number 130. Previously, the Call Me on Roaming service could be accessed via the short number 131 and the Call Me service via the short number 130.

Kyivstar also increased the number of messages that subscribers can send to request telephone calls fourfold to 20 messages per day. The first five messages are free and the subsequent messages cost 10 kopecks each.

Previously, Kyivstar allowed subscribers to send a maximum of five free messages per day.

To call a subscriber who is on roaming service, a subscriber that receives such a message needs to dial the code 019 before dialing the telephone number of the subscriber. Such calls cost UAH 15 per minute.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Kyivstar introduced the Call Me service in January 2007 and the Call Me on Roaming service in August 2007.

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