Kyivstar: Launching Per-Second Billing In Roaming Tariff Plans Would Be Virtually Impracticable Requirement

roamingThe Kyivstar telecommunication operator says it is virtually impossible to launch per-second billing in tariff plans on provision of roaming services as required by new draft rules for providing telecommunication services.

The press service of Kyivstar gave the position of the operator to Ukrainian News.

The press service noted that the practice of GSM Association, which regulates the questions of provision of roaming services at the international level, does not stipulate for compulsory per-second billing. According to Kyivstar, 82% of their roaming partners employ per-minute billing on clients of the Ukrainian operator.

“Therefore, the realization of the requirement on roaming services is virtually impracticable, as it requires the shift of non-resident operators to per-second billing, while they are outside the regulatory framework of Ukraine,” said the press service of the operator.

Kyivstar notes that the law on telecommunication of Ukraine contain the only requirement concerning a unit of billing — it must be full (one second, one minute). There are no other requirements. Thus, in the opinion of the operator, the introduction of the requirements on launching per-second billing would be beyond powers of the National Commission for Regulating Communications and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

According to draft rules drawn up by the National Commission for Regulating Communications, operators shall use second as a unit for billing talks (including roaming) in mobile and fixed phone networks.

According to the draft rules, operators shall provide clients with at least one tariff plan with per-second billing.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the National Commission for Regulating Communications on October 28 adopted a draft governmental resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on rules of provision and receiving telecommunication services.

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