Kyivstar Introduces Service of Free Notification on Events in Account Profiles of Users of VKontakte

vkontakteKyivstar telecom operator on September 9 has introduced a service of free notification on events in account profiles of users of a social internet network VKontakte, reads a statement made by the operator.

Kyivstar subscribers, who have accounts in the social network, can receive SMS notifications from the short number 9011 about updates of friends’ statuses, emergence of new applications for friends, emergence of new messages on the wall and comments to photographs, and also notifications about personal messages from other users.

Moreover, with help of this the operator’s subscribers with help of SMSes can update their VKontakte statuses (by sending messages to the short number 9010), the cost of such message is standard, UAH 0.39.

The service is provided in test mode until December 9.

Notifications can be adjusted in a user’s VKontakte account settings, go to My Settings and then to Notifications section.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Astelit, a mobile communication operator rendering services under the life:) brand name, on July 17 introduced a service of free notifications about events to users’ accounts in the VKontakte social internet network.

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