Kyivstar Introduces Service Allowing To Make Service Payments From Russia Through QIWI Wallet

The Kyivstar telecom operator has introduced since November a service allowing subscribers to make service payments from Russia through QIWI wallet payment system.

Ukrainian News learned this from a statement by Kyivstar, the wording of which was made available to the agency.

For making service payments Kyivstar subscribers, using roaming service on the territory of Russia, can open QIWI wallet website (, find Kyivstar section, enter their telephone number and make a payment in rubles.

The money will be received in real-time mode.

Minimum payment is 300 Russian rubles (over UAH 76).

The sum will be added to the subscriber’s account in hryvnias converted according to the current official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia.

Subscribers will be charged 7% commission.

QIWI wallet payment system belongs to Mobile Wallet, a limited liability company, operating in the Russian market since 2006.

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