Kyivstar Expands ‘Our Family’ Service for Subscribers of Three Tariffs

kyivstarThe Kyivstar telecommunication operator spread the Our Family service for the subscribers of the following tariff plans The Best, Better With Us, The Unified price, the operator said.

The Our Family service allows a subscriber to daily use 120 minutes of calls to three chosen numbers of Kyivstar and the daily subscriber fee is UAH 0.95 for subscribers of repaid communication and UAH 30 a month for contract subscribers.

Besides, the company renewed the service: the subscribers now can call to three chosen numbers without limitations and the subscriber fee will be UAH 1.25 a day.

Earlier, the service was available for subscribers of the Classic tariff plan.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Kyivstar reported a profit of UAH 224 million for the first quarter of 2010, when its net revenues fell by UAH 0.317 million or 10.97% to UAH 2.573 billion compared with the preceding quarter.

Kyivstar reported a profit of NOK 5.1 billion for the year 2009, when its net revenues fell by NOK 4.787 billion or 34.6% to NOK 9.047 billion compared with 2008.

On April 21, the Telenor telecommunications company (Norway) and the Altimo company (Russia) announced the completion of the merger of VimpelCom mobile telecommunications operator (Russia) and the Kyivstar mobile communication operator.

Consequently, Kyivstar’s shares were automatically transferred to the newly created VimpelCom Ltd.

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