ITC Introduces «Advertising Number» Service Involving Management Of Incoming Calls

CDMAUAInternational Telecommunication Company (ITC), the company that operates fixed-line telephone in the CDMA standard under the CDMAua (former CDMA Ukraine) brand name, introduced a service called «Advertising Number,» which involves management of incoming telephone calls, on January 11.

The service allows transfer of calls, filtering of calls based on time of day, playing of voice messages and music when waiting for a call, and reception of voice mail in e-mail, etc.

ITC offers three types if this service depending on functions: «Advertising Number — Basic» (the subscription fee is UAH 18 per month), «Advertising Number — Standard» (UAH 54 per month), and «Advertising Number — Advanced» (UAH 145 per month).

The company will offer this service free of charge until February 28.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, ITC provides local cellular communications services and wireless Internet service based on the latest third-generation technologies – CDMA 2000 1x in the 800 MHz band.

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