ISS Orbit Boosted

issIn accordance with the International Space Station mission ballistics support program, ISS reboost was carried out on Oct. 20.

The maneuver was assisted by 8 attitude thrusters of the Progress M-07M cargo vehicle attached to the Zvezda instrumentation compartment. The engines were started at 23:41 Moscow time (19:41 GMT), to trigger the burn of 0.5 mps. The maneuver lasted 228,7 sec, bringing the ISS into orbit with the following parameters: Min altitude – 350.7 km, Max altitude – 375.7 km, Revolution – 91.54 min, Inclination – 51.66 deg.

The operation is aimed at providing favorable conditions for further docking to the station of Russian Progress M-08M and US Discovery STS-133 to be launched on Oct. 27 and Nov. 1, respectfully.

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