IPNET Introduces Digital TV Service under IPTV Technology in Kyiv

ipnetThe IPNET Internet provider in Kyiv has launched from September 1 the commercial exploitation of the digital television service under the IPTV technology in Kyiv.

Ukrainian News learned this from a statement by the company, the wording of which was made available to the agency.

The watching of the digital television is possible on the monitors of computers without additional devices and on screen of TV sets or home cinema with the help of a set-top box.

Three tariff plans are available to the subscribers: Social, My Choice, and All Inclusive. The Social tariff plans includes 41 channels for UAH 24 per month. The subscription fee is UAH 49. The My Choice tariff plans includes 77 channels for UAH 49 per month. The subscription fee is UAH 1. For additional fee one can select additional channels. The All Inclusive tariff plans includes 140 channels for UAH 124 per month. The subscription fee is UAH 1.

The cost of the MAG 200 set-top box is UAH 680. In the event of purchase of additional devices, the price will be UAH 650.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, IPNET is the Internet provider in Kyiv. It provides access to the Internet under the FTTB technology (Fiber to the Building).

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