IPNET Introduces ‘Comfort MIX’ Internet Access And Digital TV Services

ipnetIPNET, an internet service provider in Kyiv, from December 25 introduced the Comfort MIX tariff of internet access and digital TV services, reads a statement made by the provider.

According to the tariff, subscriber gets unlimited internet access at the rate of 10 Mbps and also the All Inclusive digital TV package (136 TV channels).

Apart from this, the Turbo Mode service is available, with its help subscriber can double the rate for a certain period of time (subscriber fee for the service makes UAH 12 a month).

Subscriber fee for the tariff makes UAH 159 a month.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, IPNET is a Kyiv internet service provider offering internet access under the FTTB (Fiber to the Building) technology.

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