IP telephony: “Made in Ukraine”. By Beeline


Beeline, mobile carrier in Ukraine began to provide fixed-line telephony and broadband Internet access through a single channel of data transfering  – its own broadband access fiber networks using VoIP technology. The service has been put into commercial operation in Zhytomyr.By offering fixed-line telephony Beeline provides its subscribers with an alternative high quality phone line and direct dial facilities, round the clock service support, as well as special rates for package communication services, calls to mobile subscribers of Beeline, and calls to Russia.

In particular, Beeline fixed line calls  to Beeline mobile network are charged at local call tarriff of 0.054 UAH/min that is more than 20 times lower than the average market price (1.2 UAH/min). The cost of international calls to Russia also reduced by more than 3.5 times compared with the market average charge – down to 0.69 UAH (incl. VAT) in place of standard 2.59 UAH with VAT.

At first the service will be offered to small and medium-sized businesses within Beeline Business project. In the future this service will be available in all cities where there is  Beeline’s fiber optic networks.

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