Internet Association Invites Tender for Survey of Ukrainian Internet Audience

ukraineThe Ukrainian Internet Association has announced on February 1 a competition for holding a sociological survey of the national Internet audience.

«The Association believes that there is an acute need in sociological measurement of the Internet», UIA Board Chair Tetiana Popova said.

Under the terms of the contest, research companies must have the opportunity to study parameters like data on the user’s internet session (full address of the website, browser with the use of which the request was made, IP-address, provider), information about the PC (version of the operating system, the way of using the computer, type of processor, volume of core memory), demographic profile of the user (sex, age, social status, education, income, etc.).

The survey must proceed fully offline, the methodology ruling out anonymity of the participants, says.

According to the terms, the structure of participants in the surveyed panel must correspond to the social-demographic proportions of Ukraine’s Internet users, which should be determined on the basis of regular nation-wide offline studies (the frequency of holding these studies by the sociological company must be once a quarter minimum).

The performer of the study must also guarantee timely response to the client’s requests concerning presentation of different kinds of statistical processing of the results of the survey.

The tenor of the project is minimum three years, with possible prolongation envisaged.

Bidders may apply for participation in the tender until 11:00 February 15. The UIA will choose the project performer before February 25.

In the words of Oleksandr Olshansky, deputy head of the Association, having interest in the results of the study will be mainly large-scale online resources, because this will help them draw more advertisers into the web.

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