Intellecom Launches WiMAX Network in Kyiv

intellecom-logoThe Intellecom internet service provider launched a wireless internet service based on the WiMAX technology in Kyiv on May 17.

The company’s wireless internet service presently covers the residential districts on the left bank of River Dnipro as well as the Obolon and Akademhorodok districts, reports.

Connection to the internet is based on the “plug-and-play” principle, in which a user only needs to connect a special WiMAX modem to his desktop or notebook computer.

The company offers two unlimited tariff plans: the Basic Plan (which offers internet access at speeds of up to 850 Kbits/sec at the fee of UAH 90 per month) and the Unlimited Plan (offers internet access at speeds of up to 20 Mbits/sec at the fee of UAH 150 per month).

The cost of connection to the network is UAH 159 (this sum includes free access for one month and the subscription fee for the following month).

Intellecom also offers modems at the prices ranging from UAH 1 (a special price) to UAH 2,800.

According to the company, its plans for the near future include extending the coverage of its service to the entire city of Kyiv and launching networks in other cities with a population of at least 1 million.

Intellecom is the second WiMAX operator in Kyiv after the Ukrainian Newest Technologies company.

Intellecom is a limited liability company controlled by VTEL Holdings Limited, which is registered in the United Arab Emirates and operates on the CIS, African, and South American markets.

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