Increase Of Fees For Use Of Radio Frequencies By 9.1-9.8% Comes Into Effect

telecomThe increase of the monthly fee for use of radio frequencies by 9.1-9.8% came into effect on January 1. The increase is stipulated in the new Tax Code.

In particular, 32 of the 35 fees increased by 9.7%.

The fee for use of radio frequencies for provision of fixed-line radio relay services (in the 0.03-300 GHz frequency band) increased by 9.1% to UAH 0.36 per MHz, the fee for radio communication in the data transfer system with the use of pseudo-noise signals increased by 9.8% to UAH 8.78 per MHz, and the fee for radio communications in multi-channel distribution systems for transmission or retransmission of television signals (the 10-42.2 GHz frequency band) increased by 9.8% to UAH 5.49 per MHz.

According to the Tax Code, the Cabinet of Ministers is to submit to the parliament a draft law on indexation of several fees, including fees for use of radio frequencies, before June 1 every year.

The sizes of these fees were determined by the government before 2011.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, President Viktor Yanukovych signed the Tax Code on December 3 after the parliament adopted it on December 2.

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