Incom Ends 2009 with Revenues of UAH 836 Million

incomThe Incom IT-company finished 2009 with a gross revenue of UAH 835.972 million.

Ukrainian News learned this from a statement by the company, the wording of which was made available to the agency.

The company does not disclose the information on its profit in 2009.

Thus, in 2009 the company reduced gross revenue by 29.6% or UAH 352 million as compared to 2008.

Commenting of the financial performance of the company at a press conference, Incom President Oleksandr Fedchenko said the main goal of the top management of the company in 2009 was to achieve a positive money flow while retaining the loyalty of clients.

In particular, the company in 2009 introduced tougher contractual terms concerning the payments by clients who fall under the group of risk in the period of financial crisis. The company also work on the accounts receivable.

Commenting on the plans of the company, Fedchenko said the priority-driven trends in 2010 will be four segments: industry, finance, the fuel and energy complex, and the state sector.

Fedchenko added that the Incom Company in 2010 is intending to expand the markets by opening new offices in the Commonwealth of Independent States (at present the company has offices in Kazakhstan and Belarus).

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Inkom finished 2008 with the gross revenues of UAH 1.188 billion. The company boosted the gross revenues by 19% over 2007.

Incom provides services in the sector of integration of information technologies, including business-consulting, IT-consulting, integration of security systems, communication systems, and also organizes training and certification of IT-specialists.

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