iGO primo 1.2 Now Connected

The latest version of iGO primo is now available to hardware partners worldwide. Version 1.2 of the flagship navigation software enables partners to provide connected services, off-road (point-to-point) navigation and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to their users. Among the connected services are Google search, Online Traffic and speed camera Alert Point Community. The product update replaces version 1.1 in the iGO Navigation product portfolio.

“Connected navigation is guidance, travel experience and life style all in one,” said Tamás Vahl, CEO of Nav N Go Kft. “iGO primo being connected to the internet delivers accuracy and increases daily relevance of navigation, taking the user’s navigation experience to the next level. Connectivity is the way forward, and iGO primo has the potential to consolidate affordable connectivity in the navigation market.”

Routing and guidance can be optimized through live services on a navigation device via mobile network connections or embedded SIM cards. Google’s local search function integrated in iGO primo 1.2 looks up POIs online, based on location. Online Traffic delivers real-time traffic information, calculating the route by avoiding crowded road segments. Speed camera data is available online from classic data providers as well as from peer Alert Point Community members that report mobile cameras as they spot them on their way.

TTS Pro in iGO primo 1.2 turns normal text-to-speech instructions into personalized guidance. It is also able to announce traffic events delivered through Live Traffic or RDS TMC. Natural voice guidance now refers to objects along the road such as traffic lights or petrol stations to make following the instructions even easier. In addition, TTS Pro gives a verbal summary of the planned route and provides the driver with country information after crossing a border.

Automatic Speech Recognition, or ASR, enables the user to control the application through naturally spoken words.  Destinations can be spoken all at once, in a natural and customary way, and iGO primo will interpret the user’s words and return accurate results within seconds.

iGO primo 1.2 introduces the inclusion of satellite imagery as an enhancements to the traditional maps. Integrated into the navigation software, these images provide immediate orientation to users. The images are available in both 2D and 3D maps.

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