Huawei Opened R&D Center in Turkey

Huawei opened its R&D Center in Turkey on 27 February 2010 in İstanbul-Ümraniye. The opening ceremony realised with the participation of the Minister of Transport and Communication Binali Yıldırım, the China Ambassador H.E. Gong Xiaosheng, Chairman and CEO of Information and Communication Technologies Authority Tayfun Acarer and Huawei executives.

Huawei started its operations in Turkey in 2002 and today has more than 500 employees. Huawei plans to employ 500 Turkish engineers in three years where, 350 will be placed in the R&D center and 150 technical support center.

Many innovative and advanced technologies shall be implemented in the Turkey R&D center. These will include products and services such as, value-added services, billing and charging, contact center and customer relationship management. It is also planned to do analysis and research on software products, wireless technologies (2G/3G) and All-IP, fixed mobile convergence (FMC), next generation networks (NGN), as well as product planning, optimization, performance improvement, and market adaptation processes.

Jiang Yafei, Vice President of Huawei, said “We will become a strong team full of innovative spirit through the Turkey R&D centre and grow together towards a successful future in the global telecoms industry. In the coming few years, we will invest over 50 million USD to build an R&D team with more than 350 Turkish engineers devoted to operator, consumer and enterprise projects.”

Huawei R&D Executive Mr. Huang Jian evaluated R&D business in Turkey and said that: “Using Turkey’s high-quality R&D resources and geographical advantage of being the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa, we expect to optimize our R&D deployment, implement the global round-the-clock asynchronous R&D strategy, provide customers with better products and services in time, and promote the development of Turkey’s ICT industry as well. We believe that the establishment of the R&D center in Turkey will lay a win-win foundation for our customers, Turkey’s ICT industry, and Huawei.

Today Huawei has R&D and innovation centers worldwide including those in the USA, Germany, China, India, Sweden and Turkey. By using technology, human resources, and professional expertise in the best way, Huawei allocates 46% of its employees and more than 10% of its revenues each year as R&D investments.

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