Hostmaster Closes Public Access To Information On Individuals Who Registered Domain Names

The Hostmaster Company, the administrator of the UA domain, has closed public access to information on individuals who registered domain names.

Dmytro Kokhmaniuk, the administrator of the domain, announced this at the seventh congress of the Internet Association of Ukraine on February 18.

He said the administrator switched off the whois service in compliance with the law on personal data.

He said the administration of the domain did not trigger the closure of the service, but it was forced to do so being a law-abiding company.

According to Oleksandr Olshanskyi, the president of one of domain registrars of the Imena.UA Company, registrars have sent an inquiry to the Justice Ministry with a request to explain whether the law requires cancellation of the functioning of the whois service.

He said the closure of the service is a unique case in the world practice.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on protection of personal data in June 2010 and it took effect from January 2011. The law inter alia bans transfer to third persons of personal data on citizens without their consent.

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