“Hole” on the Sun will Cause Magnetic Storm on the Earth

Solar wind will impact our Earth in the next several days, FIAN experts state. The wind of high intensity is caused by a coronal hole on the Sun. This will lead to a three-day magnetic storm on the Earth, though the disturbances will be on minimum level.

Strong geomagnetic disturbances cause solar flares, but the predicted storm is not linked with the flares. The Earth enters the impact zone of the coronal hole.

Coronal hole on the Sun

Coronal hole is a zone of “opened” magnetic field on the Sun. Normally power lines of the magnetic fields are ended on the solar surface. Open loops visible through darkening on the solar crown cause geomagnetic disturbances – solar wind of high intensity.

Now, the Earth is coming into the zone affected by the solar coronal hole.

Meteo-sensitive people may feel some discomfort during the next several days, RIA Novosti informs.

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