Google Zeitgeist 2009: Google’s most popular searches in Ukraine

200px-Outline_of_Ukraine.svgGoogle has published its annual ranking usually called Zeitgeist. Actually, it’s a view of Uanet users at the outgoing calendar year through the prism of their search requests. Final Zeitgeist 2009 offers a unique overview of the most important events and hottest trends of the year, based on a study of Google’s search queries .

In addition to traditional categories of “Most Popular” and “Fastest growing” requests, this year rating also presents a case ratings, individual for each of more than 30 countries. In Ukraine, it lists “Person of the Year”, “Event of the Year”, “The most important advice”, “Purchase of the Year” and “The most popular places on the planet.”

Traditionally, the most popular queries by the Ukrainians are related to computer activity. First place takes “download”, with “photo”, “weather”, “games”,  “movies” that follows.

The most popular social networks among the Ukrainians are “” (“classmates”) and “” (“InContact”).

“Event of the year” was undoubtedly the Eurovision Song Contest with the winner Alexander Rybak who became the “Person of the Year”.

Among the top popular geographic names and sites are Pripyat, the “dead’ city in the Chernobyl zone, a reminder of the terrible tragedy2009.

The most important advices the Ukrainians asked for were: How to right kiss (lose weight, quit, make money, name the baby).

The TOP-5 of “Purchase of the Year” are: car, notebook, phone, apartment, and TV.

The most popular places on the planet (TOP-10), according to Ukrainian users’ point of view are: Statue of Liberty, Pripyat, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Pentagon, White House, Great Wall of China, Mount Everest, Kremlin, Sphinx.

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