Google AdWords Goes Mobile across Android and iPhone

Google announced a new mobile interface for its AdWords advertising program, promising iPhone, Android and Palm Pre smartphone users efficient access to their accounts.

AdWords is Google’s flagship advertising product and primary source of revenue – the program offers pay-per-click and site-targeted advertising for both text and banner ads, and spans local, national and international distribution. The new AdWords for mobile touts a streamlined user experience including remote access to key alerts and statistics, enabling advertisers to make quick changes and basic edits on the go, Fierce says.

“AdWords for mobile works best when you customize your experience,” writes Google AdWords staffer Miles Johnson on the Inside AdWords blog. “Before using the mobile website, you should log in from your desktop computer and choose the parts of your account that you want to monitor closely. Set up custom alerts for key account events (like when your campaign reaches 90 percent of your daily budget, or when your traffic drops substantially compared to the previous week), and saved filters to flag your most important keywords and campaigns. You’ll then see these filters and alerts on your AdWords for mobile home screen… If you need access to the other parts of your account, like ads or campaign settings, you can switch to the desktop version of AdWords through a link at the bottom of the screen.”

Johnson adds that AdWords will be implemented as the default mobile interface for a small percentage of English language advertisers. Google plans to enable the feature for additional advertisers and languages in the weeks ahead.

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