GLONASS will Help Moscow to Get Rid of Traffic Jams

Intellectual transport monitoring system which uses GLONASS capabilities will help solving traffic problems in Moscow, M2M Telematica group states in their press release.

The system to be introduced in the Russian capital will improve throughput in the city, enhance road safety, safe transportation timing, etc.

The project implies control of the transport flow, logistics, dispatcher approach to passenger transporting, video-monitoring of accidents.

Similar projects have been successfully implemented in Ryazan and Sochi. As of today, based on the results of ITS operation the movement regularity of city passenger transport increased by 99.9 per cent, and the economy in fuels and lubricants increased by 15-25 per cent. The work of emergency reaction services is optimized, in particular, the speed of the arrival of first aid teams has increased in Ryazan by 10 per cent. The number of road accidents with the participation of drivers on passenger transport has decreased by 1.5 times, Interfax reports.

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