Foxtrot Expands Chain of FoxMart Hypermarkets in Moldova by Two to Five

foxmartThe Foxtrot group of companies, which owns a network of supermarkets selling domestic appliances, has expanded the chain of FoxMart hypermarkets in Moldova by two to five stores.

Ukrainian News learned this from a company’s statement.

The new stores will be opened in Chisinau (Moldova) on June 26-27.

One of the stores will be opened in the Fulger trading complex; it has a trading area of 900 square meters.

The second store will have a trading area of 200 square meters.

Thus, the chain of Foxmart hypermarkets will consist of 36 hypermarkets in Ukraine and Moldova.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, on May 27 the Foxtrot group of companies opened a hypermarket in Chisinau at 5 Moscow Avenue.

The Foxtrot group of companies consists of the trading chains Foxtrot Home Appliances, Foxtrot Digital Equipment, FoxMart, Tekhnoshara, Sekunda, and Montres.

DEPOT Development Group, an asset management company, became part of the Foxtrot group of companies in 2008.

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