Expert: Software Developers Will Go to Shadow if Single Tax Increased to UAH 1,000/Month

Hacker_and_ProgrammerTetiana Popova, president of the Internet Association of Ukraine, believes the market of software developers will go to “shadow” if the single tax for them grows from the current UAH 200 per month to UAH 1,000 per month.

She gave her opinion to Ukrainian News.

According to her, the higher single tax for IT-entrepreneurs will address mostly developers of software and developers of content, as they use this system of taxation.

In the opinion of the chairperson of the Internet Association of Ukraine, the implementation of this norm of the new Tax Code will drive this market to shadow.

“As a matter of principle, I do not consider this right. This will only drive the market to shadow. What does business do when the fiscal system starts to press the business? The business goes to shadow,” said Popova.

She also has a negative assessment of the norm proposing to trim the ceiling of the annual revenues from UAH 500,000 to UAH 300,000.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the draft tax code registered by the Cabinet of Ministers at the Verkhovna Rada on September 21 under No.7101-1 proposes to raise the single tax for individual entrepreneurs working in the field of information technologies to UAH 1,000 a month.

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