De Novo has launched the First Ukrainian Corporate Outsourcing Data Center

De Novo – a company that provides professional IT services – has announced a grand opening of its private outsourcing Data Centre (DC) of the corporate class.

De Novo DC meets TIER III reliability requirements of TIA-942 International standard. We would remind you that the highest reliability level for Data Center is TIER IV, and the number of such products in the world is pretty scarce.
The project has started in 2008 after the design stage had been successful finished, and its official announcement took place a year ago, on the 12th of November, 2009. That was the time when key features and characteristics of this absolutely unique object were published. “Our project is regarded to be unique due to the wide range of its parameters, e.g. it opens the market of corporate class commercial Data Centers that has no analogues in Ukraine, and also the technologies being used and estimates. As a matter of fact, De Novo DC is the major investment in Ukrainian IT project”, said at that time Maxim Ageyev, De Novo CEO.


The most of predictions made by Mr. Ageyev over the last year have come true. Commercial data centers that are analogues of De Novo DC on the basis of total characteristics still do not exist in Ukraine and will not appear in the nearest future. Gennadiy Karpov, De Novo Chief Information Officer affirms, “Every single holder of De Novo DC facilities has at their disposal their individual, controlled-access, screened building. Such services won’t be offered even by the largest Russian Data Centers.”

That fact that De Novo DC became the biggest investment in IT project of the country belongs to the accomplished predictions by Maxim Ageyev. Moreover, just a week ago the company published information about capital invested by two giants, IFC and Intel Capital. This is a remarkable event due to the fact that it is the first time IFC has invested its capital into Ukrainian IT Company.

As it was previously forecasted by the company management, there is no doubt that De Novo DC appears to be the most innovative outsourcing Data Center in Ukraine. De Novo DC meets TIER III reliability requirements of TIA-942 International standard and NBU requirements. Vitaliy Pasechnik, a Chief Architect of De Novo DC construction project, emphasizes that De Novo DC does meet entirely TIER III reliability requirements. To check that there is no need to get involved in any technical details. It is enough to take a look at the conditions set in the standard service level agreement (SLA). This document happens to be indeed a final goal on the way to the philosophy of industrial standard security and reliability including TIA-942.

The best DC architects of Ukraine were working on this project using their vast experience in the area accumulated during different projects implementation. During the construction period a number of competitions were held and defined the best solutions in terms of their technological and economical suitability (but not in terms of their low price). Contrary to all widespread stereotypes, capacity metrics and the final DC product are neither square meters, nor counters, nor kilowatts, but computing power, i.e. computing units. Moreover, we have ensured minimum cost and power-intensity of the final DC product by means of up-to-date architectural decisions and by applying the energy-saving technology.

De Novo DC services are first of all focused on the banking industry solutions. “And yet, these services are really valuable for the banks which do appreciate and understand such notions as ‘reliability’ and ‘business continuity planning’. Pireus Bank is one of such banks”, claims Maxim Ageyev.

“Pireus Bank MKB of Ukraine has chosen De Novo DC to place the part of its calculating and communicating facilities, as we believe it is the most attractive, unique project, and the one that offers its customers a state-of-the-art technology for outsourcing data centers management solutions taking into account the banking establishment need of information infrastructures”, said a chairman of board of Pireus Bank in Ukraine, Vyacheslav Koval.

According to Mr. Koval, DC services will definitely improve the reliability of Pireus Bank services; also, they will provide banking services with scalability enhancements. Correspondingly, it will increase the quality and security of banking products offered to its customers. Particularly, De Novo DC facilities enable placing server and communication equipment required by system operation of full-value. Pireus Bank in Ukraine schedule the system launch for the next year.

Total area of De Novo DC is 2,117 square meters providing facilities and space to place more than 220 counters ready for high calculation density (up to 30 kilowatt per counter). There are 31 screened units with discreet physical access and a stand-alone fire-resistance system (up to 1 hour) at corporative customer services. Besides two telecommunication rooms located directly in the Data Center building, there is one more subsidiary Data Center network access point (NAT). This NAT is located at L9 switching center and connected with DC by two off-line fiber-optic communication channels with total capacity of 800 GB/s. De Novo DC is neutral with respect to telecommunication operators; every customer may choose the most suitable provider, so far as there will be some free space for everyone in DC telecommunication areas. Fluid cooling system that implies a state-of-the-art technology, Free Cooling, will provide emitted heat removal.

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