Datagroup Increases Internet Access Rates For Home Telecom Subscribers

DomtelecomDatagroup, a telecommunication company based in Kyiv, from December 1 increased internet access rates for Home Telecom subscribers from 512 kbps — 40 Mbps to 2 Mbps — 100 Mbps, reads a statement made by Datagroup.

Thus, for Home Telecom subscribers, who have ADSL connection to the internet, access rate is extended from 512 kbps — 4 Mbps to 2 Mbps — 24 Mbps, and for the Ethernet connection from 5 Mbps — 40 Mbps to 50 Mbps — 100 Mbps.

The company specifies, it will switch its ADSL subscribers over to new tariff plans.

The switchover principle lies in the subscriber retaining the current subscriber fee at higher access rate.

Moreover, the company elucidates, for the Ethernet subscribers specifically it will reduce subscriber fees for access to the internet at the highest rate.

This means that if before the monthly subscriber fee for access to the internet at the rate of 40 Mbps made UAH 200, then from December 1 the maximum possible access rate will raise to 100 Mbps and the subscriber fee will reduce to UAH 100 a month.

In the tariff packages the volume of incoming and outgoing traffic is unlimited, connection costs UAH 1.2 (VAT inclusive).

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Datagroup in November introduced payment for services via the WebMoney system of online payments for the Home Telecom subscribers.

Datagroup from September provides internet access service to private subscribers under the Home Telecom brand name.

At the moment it offers the service in 22 towns (about 45,000 subscribers).

Datagroup was created through the merger of several telecommunications companies in the city of Kyiv and provinces.

The company has its own nationwide DWDM fiber-optic data transfer network and an MPLS multimedia network built on its basis. The MPLS network allows transmission of voice, data, and images to the end users — corporate and private subscribers.

Several individuals (including its founder Oleksandr Kardakov) manage the company.

Horizon Capital, a private equity firm, in August acquired a minority stake in Datagroup for USD 40 million.

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