Communications Commission initiating introduction of fine of 5% from telecom operators’ annual income for breaking licensing conditions

The National Communications Regulatory Commission (NCRC) has moved forward with an initiative to introduce a fine of up to 5% from telecom operators’ annual income for breaking conditions of the telecommunications licences, reads a report made by the commission.

On December 24, the commission at its meeting approved of draft law No 5370 entitled “On amending some legislative acts (concerning load on law courts)”, which authorised state power bodies for imposing penal sanctions on physical and legal entities on basis of their decision directly, and not on court awards.

Also the commission proposed to legislate inclusion of a number of fine sanctions into the mentioned act.

Apart from a 5-percent fine for violation of telecom licensing conditions, the commission proposed applying fines of up to 3% of indebted sum in case of failure to pay for radio-frequency resources, recovering to the national budget of profits business entities earn in the telecommunications field without licences or if do not observe tariffs set by the Communications Commission.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Communications Commission in February mounted an initiative to create a fund of universal services and to introduce a 3% surcharge on provision of telecom services but this project aroused protests in communications operators.

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