Chinese Novelist Sued “Avatar” for Cribbing

AvatarZhou Shaomou, a Chinese science fiction writer, prosecuted James Cameron’s “Avatar” for cribbing one of his novels to Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court on Mar. 5, and asked for a compensation of 1 billion yuan.

According to Zhou, nearly 80% of “Avatar”, including stories, environment and roles’ relationships, are similar with his saga novel of “The Legend of Blue Raven”, which was finished in 1997 and published on Sina, NetEase and other websites since 2000, People’s Daily says.

While, some netizens remain dubious about his saying, and some netizens even criticized him for hyping; also, there are some people think it is normal that parts of two works have resemblance.

A Guangdong lawyer, Liu Yanyu, said to judge the cribbing or not is based on the similarity of both structures and details of two works, and “it is understandable that two stories have similar structures.”

The court may also consider about places and time sequencing to judge whether the possibility of cribbing exist or not, Liu added.

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