Telecom revenues down in 2009

In 2009 Ukrainian telecom companies decreased their total revenues by 35 percent in dollar terms to $5.6 billion, reflecting the hryvnia’s sharp depreciation and negative impact of the ongoing economic decline.

Turkcell Guarantees Loan for Ukraine GSM Expansion

Turkish telco, Turkcell says that it is to guarantee a US$75 million loan being signed by its Dutch subsidiary, Financell to fund network expansion by Astelit – a mobile network in Ukraine. The financing will be used for the products and services that will be purchased from Ericsson AB and Ericsson Ukraine for Astelit LLC’s 2G infrastructure investments.

FOCUS: Ukrainian Mobile Market Boom May Soon End

Ukraine’s mobile market continued to boom in the first half of this year, though the mobile subscriber base is unlikely to double as it did in 2005, analysts said. Mobile operators are trying to attract customers who spend less, as well as people who want to use several SIM cards. Ukraine?s market may reach 100% SIM-card penetration in 2007 as a result but the ARPU is likely to fall. The boom is coming to and end, analysts said.