Cabinet Introduces Fee For Allocation Of Short Telephone Numbers To Communications Operators

cell_phoneThe Cabinet of Ministers has introduced a fee for allocation of short telephone numbers to communications operators.

This is stated in the Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 1141 dated December 15.

The fees for allocation of short numbers for reference and information services are UAH 10,000 for four-figure numbers (for a single local network and a separate mobile or fixed-line network with a non-geographic numbering system on the territories of Kyiv, the Crimea, or a region) and UAH 5,000 for five-figure numbers (same parameters as four-figure numbers).

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced a fee of UAH 1 million for allocation of a uniform four-figure number for all local telephone networks on the territory of Ukraine; UAH 200,000 for separate mobile or fixed-line networks with a non-geographic numbering system on the territory of Ukraine; UAH 100 for local networks and or mobile or fixed-line networks on the territories of Kyiv, Sevastopol, Simferopol, and regional centers.

Allocation of short numbers for emergency and social services remains free.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the National Communications Regulation Commission is responsible for allocating telephone numbers.

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