Beeline Launches “29 Plus” Tariff Plan for Prepaid Subscribers

beeline6The Beeline mobile communications operator (the Ukrainian Radiosystems and Golden Telecom companies) has introduced a tariff plan called “29 Plus” for subscribers to prepaid communications services from October 1.

Beeline announced this in a statement. The “29 Plus” tariff plan is an upgrade of the operator’s “29″ tariff plan, reports.

Under the new tariff plan, telephone calls to nine selected numbers in the Beeline mobile communications network cost 29 kopecks for the first minute and zero kopeck for subsequent minutes.

Telephone calls to numbers in the networks of other operators mobile and fixed-line communications operators cost 69 kopecks for the first minute and 29 kopecks for subsequent minutes (for calls to the life:) network, the costs are 29 kopecks per minute from the second to the fourth minute and 59 kopecks per minute for subsequent minutes).

Telephone calls to numbers in Russian mobile and fixed-line communications networks cost 89 kopecks per minute.

In addition, the operator pays subscribers 29 kopecks for every full 30 seconds of incoming calls from telephone numbers on the networks of other Ukrainian fixed-line and mobile communications networks.

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