Beeline increases capacity of channels by 50% to 30 Gigabits per second

Communications operator Beeline (Golden Telecom and URS companies) has increased the capacity of the channel that connects its fiber-optic network called “Beeline Internet at Home,” which is based on the FTTB (fiber-to-the-building) technology, to the trunk network by 10 gigabits per second or 50% to 30 gigabits per second.

The company stressed that the increase of the channels’ capacity would enable it to increase the efficiency of its network in general and increase the reliability of access, says.

The total volume of the external traffic in the network was 25,000 terabytes and the volume of domestic traffic was about 195 petabytes in 2009.

Beeline also stressed that possession of high-capacity communications channels is one of the necessary conditions for launching and providing the Triple Play service (telephony, internet access, and IPTV digital television).

Beeline’s trunk network is used to transfer data on long distances, and it consists if the company’s own infrastructure in Ukraine, its infrastructure in Europe (through the networks of its international partners), cross-border switches through Poland, Hungary, and Russia, and its technical facilities in Frankfurt and Moscow.

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