Beeline Café: Above 100 thousand subscribers for the first two months

beeline_logo-19After two-month-operation in Ukraine, the social network Beeline Café, initiated by the mobile operator URS »(TM Beeline), has reached more than 100 thousand subscribers, according to the  company press service’s report.

Since its start in September the network activated intensive messaging. New opportunities and communication tools, for example, RSS-feed on the “Wall”, “Blogs” and photo albums have become popular among the Beeline Café visitors, who usually send about 1 mln messages a day.

Actually Beeline Café is a synthesis of social network and dating site. There is no registration fee. Besides the standard access to the site (by computer), it’s also accesible via mobile phone. Photos for the site can be sent by MMS, while blog posting is executed via SMS.

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