AVentures Capital invest $1 mln. in Ukrainian-Based Divan.TV

AVentures Capital, along with several other private investors, are the first to invest into Divan.TV. Divan.TV is a new concept in the television experience. Divan will be targeting the Central Eastern European area. Adventures Capital has stated that their investment, at this time, has not exceeded $1 million, informed Paudis.

Divan TV (www.divan.tv)
 Divan.TV was established in 2009 and has quickly developed into a new platform that could change the way everyone experiences television. With the Divan box attached to the television, consumers can interact with their television through several multi-media methods.

Divan is targeting the Ukraine and Russia for its initial release in Fall 2011. Divan believes it will be in 1 million households by 2014.

AVentures Capital (www.aventures.com)
 AVentures Capital was founded in 1994 by Andrey Kolodyuk, and has realized over $1 billion in assets through 30 separate projects. Aventures Capital targets innovative IT start up ventures and is expanding its interests into the telecommunications and commercial property industries.

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