Antimonopoly Committee Approves Rules of Advertising Conduct Drafted by Mobile Communications Operators

antimonopolyThe Antimonopoly Committee has approved the rules of advertising conduct drafted by mobile communications operators.

Members of the Antimonopoly Committee approved the rules unanimously at a meeting.

According to Leonid Osherov, the chairman of the council of Telas (the Ukrainian Association of Communications Operators), the rules were drafted by a working group that consisted on representatives of the Antimonopoly Committee, the National Communications Regulation Commission, Telas, and mobile communications operators.

According to the rules, operators are obliged to provide consumers with necessary, authentic, and timely information about their services to enable them to make conscious choices.

In particular, the rules stipulate that mobile communications operators are obliged to state the names of the tariff plans and services they are advertising and consumers’ obligations regarding mandatory payments as well as payment of all taxes and duties when advertising their services in the mass information media and on outdoor carriers.

The rules also require mobile communications operators to provide information about sources of detailed information about their services and tariffs (internet websites and telephone numbers for inquiries).

The Antimonopoly Committee’s Chairman Oleksii Kostusev said that the approval of these rules was the first step toward preventing false advertisements by mobile communications operators.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the National Communication Regulation Commission and the Antimonopoly Committee decided in February to set up a working group to discuss the issue of advertisement of mobile communications services.

The NCRC sent samples of mobile communications advertisements claiming zero tariffs to the Antimonopoly Committee in late December.

The NCRC said that establishment of zero tariffs was impossible because the Law on Telecommunications stipulates that tariffs must be based on prime cost, which cannot be zero.

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