Android Market doubles to 30,000 apps in three months

Google announced that its Android Market mobile applications storefront now boasts roughly 30,000 apps – just three months earlier, the store offered 16,000 apps.

MobileCrunch reported the official Google total after data from analytics provider calculated the present Android Market app inventory at close to 35,000. Google declined to break down the percentage of premium Android applications and free apps, but according to AndroLib, the split is about 39 percent paid and 61 percent free.

Android application development surged late last year in the wake of news Verizon Wireless would introduce its first Android smartphone, the Motorola Droid, with Android project starts increasing 94 percent between September and October according to mobile in-application analytics provider Flurry.

Android Market still lags some distance behind rival Apple’s App Store, however – Apple’s website notes the storefront now tops 150,000 applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. Flurry reported earlier this week that iPhone OS application starts have jumped a staggering 185 percent since Jan. 27, when Apple announced its forthcoming iPad tablet device.

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