5th International Open Students Olympiad on Programming «KPI-OPEN 2010»

kpi-openFrom July 05th till July 10th, 2010, National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» carries out 5th international open students Olympiad on programming named after S.А. Lebedev and V.M. Glushkov «KPI-OPEN 2010».

The goal of the contest is attraction of societies attention to the intellectual competitions between students, popularization of intellectual leadership and team spirit, improvement of the professional level of talented youth, development of academic links, and establishing of the contacts between students from different countries, passing of the knowledge from IT-market leaders to students, providing winners with possibility of further improvement of their skills in successful IT-companies working in Ukraine.

Olympiad is carried out based on original evaluation rules, harmonized with international, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Cyber Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Software platform of the competition operates on the server, kindly provided by BMS Consulting company, and power supply is secured by UPS Smart-UPS RT 3000VA from APC by Schneider Electric.

Online registration is confirmed to 87 teams from 7 countries (Ukraine – 58, Russian Federation – 20, Belarus – 4, Poland – 2, Hungary – 1, Georgia – 1, Latvia – 1). Quantity of students and coaches willing to participate in Olimpiad increased comparing to previous years and is already more than 340 people. In year 2010 significantly increased the quantity of the universities delegating teams to Competition, and equals to 65 highest educational institutions (Ukraine – 43, Russian Federation – 14, Belarus – 3, Poland – 2, Hungary – 1, Georgia – 1, Latvia – 1) from 33 cities (Ukraine – 20, Russian Federation – 7, Belarus – 1, Poland – 2, Hungary – 1, Georgia – 1, Latvia – 1). Totally, during 5 years of the Contest total quantity of participating teams reached 316. These numbers certify KPI-OPEN 2010 to be the unique students’ competition in this field in Ukraine, and measuring on its scale, geography of participating teams, and spirit and possibilities opening, to be the biggest competition in this field in Ukraine one of the biggest in Eastern Europe.
Important role during conducting the Olympiad is played by partners support, namely — companies BMS Consulting, Pocketbook-Global, Kaspersky Lab, Microsoft (Windows Multipoint Mouse SDK), Wnet.

During KPI-OPEN 2010, premiere in KPI-OPEN 2010, together with partners, the applied programming contests are arranged. This idea will be further embedded into KPI-OPEN platform in future as well. The core of these contests is in development by students of projects, after the Olympiad days. Partner companies formulate tasks and organizational committee creates subdomains in kpi-open.org domain for each company to interact with participants. Participants have possibility to develop the software tasks until end of 2010. After this, companies define the best projects.

Prize fund of the Olympiad consists of 12 e-readers PocketBook 360 from PocketBook Global, 16 UPS BackUPS RS550 from APC by Schneider Electric, 24 sets of security software Kaspersky Crystal from Kaspersky Lab and also, traditionally, diplomas and souvenieers from NTUU «KPI». Winners team gets original crystal prize KPI-OPEN 2010, tradition for presenting of which starts in 2008. Winners of the applied programming contests, arranged together with Olympiad partners, will be awarded with smartphones (Windows MultiPoint Mouse SDK), rights to pass through the interview into RnD department of PocketBook Global and other encouragements.

Wnet company, from the days of founding of the Olympiad, using modern technologies, provides to participants and guests of the Olympiad hi-quality broadband access to the internet, and implements broadcasting of official events of the Olympiad into Internet.

Olympiad has already become an efficient platform for reaching of the goals set in front of it. Organizational committee and representatives of biggest companies, yearly works to improve the way of carrying out the competition, stimulating the youth on the way of self-improvement, gaining internal motivation, and offering further development vectors, and also broadening the knowledge spectrum.

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