12.9 Million Internet Users Are In Ukraine

internet_accessMarketing research company InMind estimates the Ukrainian internet audience aged above 15 at 12.9 million users, company marketing director Olena Zhytnik has announced at a news conference.

In particular, information from the company, 8.7 million users use the internet every day or almost every day.

InMind has found out, 54% of the users are men and the rest are women.

More than a half of all internet users (58%) are people aged between 15 and 30, 29% aged 31 to 45, and 13% people aged over 46.

The company also complied a rating of the most popular domains visited by Ukrainian users.

On this rating the top ten are: vkontakte.ru (53% of the average daily audience), google.com.ua (48%), mail.ru (38%), google.com (32%), yandex.ua (27%), yandex.ru (27%), odnoklassniki.ru (20%), ukr.net (20%), youtube.com (14%), facebook.com (13%).

The audience was studied August 28 to September 29 on basis of a software panel of internet users (1,200 users from across Ukraine) which allows monitoring visiting of all websites by Ukrainian users with help of special software.

Sociological margin of error stands within 2%.

The research is held on permanent basis by order of the Ukrainian Internet Association.

Mykhailo Komissaruk, the chairman of the Ukrainian Internet Association committee for internet advertisement, says that through this research the Association intends to attract advertisers to the internet advertisement market.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Internet Association of Ukraine in February selected InMind to hold sociological polls among the Ukrainian internet audience.

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