11% of Ukrainian children have tried to buy drugs through the Web

65536b11% of Ukrainian children tried to buy drugs online. These alarming figures were discovered in a study conducted by the Institute of Sociology of NAS of Ukraine.

The study was conducted in the period from August to September 2009 in 11 cities in all regions of Ukraine, attended by 1200 children, their parents and teachers. It was found that the vast majority of adults and children are not aware of the dangers that may await the younger generation of the web, although 87% of parents know that they should teach children to use the Internet. They should, but do not do this, because they themselves are poorly informed about what is the Internet – just 11% check which sites are visited by their offspring.

17% are ready to tell the Internet any information regarding the life of his family – including your home address and work schedule of parents. Such carelessness, however, differs not only Ukrainian rebyatnya: American teenagers, as we do not see nothing wrong in publishing their own web explicit pictures.

28% of children, seeing in the Internet advertising alcohol or tobacco, even once tried to buy them. 11% of young Ukrainians are trying to get web drugs.

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