“Internet for a Week” – a New Service for Life:) Subscribers

life-internetMobile services operator life:) has launched a new service – “Internet for a Week”.

Since March 25, the subscribers have the possibility to get 50 Mb of mobile Internet to use during each 7

To expand its services, life:) provides a new product – “Internet for a Week” – for those who need Internet
access for limited time, so users can order 50 Mb of Internet to use during a week.

With this service subscribers can use email regularly, or download MP3 or video files, or search the web and
communicate with friends and family via Skype or ICQ. The subscriber may easily order 50 Mb for a week by
dialing *123*55# or by USSD menu *123#.

Order fee is UAH 15 (with VAT without PF).

The service is valid for 7 days (168 hours) upon activation.

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